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Archive of Cycling Articles from 10/28/04 to 12/31/05- Translations from L'Eqipe web site by
Walt Ballenberger
Moreau: "I Intend to Start Strong"- 12/21/05

Doping- Armstrong hammers in the nail- 12/20/05

"No Proof" for Armstrong- 12/17/05

Millar on the Saunier Duval team- 12/15/05

Armstrong in front of Italian justice- 12/14/05

Heras Affair- Pinera resigns- 12/14/05

McQuaid is Angry- 12/10/05

Divorce ICU- Grand Tours- 12/09/05

Death of Charly Gaul- 12/06/05

Tour of Italy- Ivan Basso will start- 12/04/05

BOONEN, a Fresh Wind- 11/30/05

Green Light for AG2R- 11/28/05

Doping- Heras chases his innocence- 11/27/05

Doping- Second Sample Confirmed- 11/25/05

Tour de France- The Ambition of Leipheimer- 11/23/05

Doping- Hamilton to be heard on January 10- 11/21/05

Doping- the FFC proposes solutions- 11/16/05

Tour of Italy- Start in Belgium in 2006- 11/12/05

Doping- Heras close to the abyss- 11/08/05

Track Racing World Cup- The Russians win the title- 11/07/05

Tour of Italy- Start in Belgium in 2006- 11/6/05

Cyclo-Cross Europe Champ. -Marianne Vos wins- 11/06/05

Track Cycling World Cup- Neuville on the podium- 11/04/05

Tour de France Route- The Reactions- 10/28/05

Mégret inflexible against doping- 10/26/05

6 month suspended sentence for Frigo- 10/24/05

Quick Step reinforces- 10/22/05

Gerdemann signs with T-Mobile- 10/21/05

Tonkov Retires- 10/19/05

Di Luca Extends- 10/18/05

Tour of Lombardy- Bettini wins- 10/15/05

Tour of Piedmont- A Brazilian Victory- 10/14/05

Doping- Merckx defends Armstrong- 10/12/05

Paris-Tours : Zabel imposes- 10/09/05

Paris-Bourges- Bak passes the test- 10/06/05

Doping- More Revelations- 10/06/05

Doping- Frigo risks prison- 10/05/05

Doping- Still not believable- 10/05/05

Bettini 1st, Di Luca wins the Title- 10/02/05

Doping- Guidi exonerated- 09/30/05

Summary of Team/Rider Changes for 2006 Season- 09/29/05

Doping- Gonzalez positive at the Vuelta- 09/28/05

World Cycling Championships- Boonen world champion- 09/25/05

World Cycling Championships- Schleicher wins the title- 09/24/05

World Cycling Championships- Rogers king of the time trial- 09/22/05

Armstrong Affair- The Lab Suspended?- 09/21/05

World Cycling Championships- Thürig wins the time trial- 09/21/05

Tour of Spain Commentary- A Tour losing speed- 09/19/05

Tour of Spain- Roberto Heras in the end- 09/18/05

Tour of Spain- Plaza top time- 09/17/05

Tour of Spain- Haussler takes victory- 09/16/05

Armstrong will not return- 09/15/05  

Tour of Spain- Sorensen takes the win- 09/15/05

Tour of Spain- Quesada alone- 09/14/05

Tour of Spain- Bettini takes over in Valladolid- 09/13/05

Doping Affair- three other names cited- 09/12/05

Tour of Spain- Double coup for Heras- 09/11/05

Tour of Spain- Victory for Jimenez- 09/10/05

Paris- Brussels- Success for McEwen- 09/10/05

Armstrong Affair- The ICU denounces the WAA- 09/09/05

Tour of Spain- Sanchez the opportunist- 09/09/05

Tour of Spain- Petacchi strikes again- 09/08/05

With Lance Armstrong in 2006 ?- 09/06/05

Tour of Spain- The eleventh for Laiseka- 09/06/05

Tour of Spain- Mancebo carries the stage- 09/05/05

Suspicion about US Postal- 09/04/05

Tour of Spain- Double coup for Menchov- 09/04/05

Tour of Spain- 3rd Success for Petacchi- 09/03/05

Tour of Spain- Van Heeswijk takes the victory- 09/02/05

Tour of Spain- Heras hits hard-09/01/05

Tour of Spain- The fifth for Hushovd- 08/31/05

Tour of Spain- Petacchi doubles- 08/30/05

Armstrong Affair- The ICU Will Report Soon- 08/29/05

Tour of Spain- Petacchi takes the sprint- 08/29/05

Tour of Spain- Success for Bertagnolli- 08/28/05

GP de Plouay : Hincapie imposes himself- 08/28/05

Tour of Spain- Menchov imposes himself- 08/27/05

The Doubts of Armstrong- 08/25/05

Armstrong ready to counterattack- 08/25/05

ARMSTRONG In Torment- 08/23/05

Tour of Germany- Leipheimer victorious- 08/23/05

Tour of Germany- Ullrich for the 8th- 08/22/05

Tour of Germany- 7th stage for Evans- 08/21/05

Tour of Germany- Success for Iglinskiy- 08/20/05

Tour of Germany- The 5th for Bennati- 08/19/05

Tour of Germany- Leipheimer OK- 08/18/05

Tour of Germany- Success for Bennati- 08/17/05

Tour of Germany- Success for Pozzato- 08/16/05

Tour of Germany- Tankink victorious- 08/15/05

Tour of Germany- Ullrich the favorite- 08/14/05

San Sebastian Classic- Zaballa Imposes Himself- 08/13/05

Moncassin is already composing- 08/12/05
(Article about the French team at the World Championship in Madrid)

Tour du Benelux- Final Victory for Julich- 08/10/05

Tour du Benelux- Success for Van Dijk- 08/09/05

Tour of Denmark- Final Victory for Basso- 08/08/05

Tour de Benelux- Ballan in the confusion- 08/07/05

Tour of Denmark- Basso assures again- 08/07/05

Tour du Benelux- Allan Davis in shape- 08/06/05

Tour of Denmark- Grillo for the 4th stage- 0806/05

Tour of Denmark- Basso again and again- 08/05/05

Tour de Benelux- 1st stage for Van Heeswijk- 08/04/05

Tour of Denmark- Basso escapes- 08/03/05

Zabel leaves T-Mobile 07/31/05

Armstrong will not be prosecuted- 07/30/05

Moreau signs with AG2R- 07/30/05

Pitallier : “There is an unease” - 07/28/05

Vino Goes to Liberty Seguros- 07/26/05

Dauphiné Libéré- The Fastest Time for Botero- 06/08/05

Dauphiné Libéré- Dumoulin the New Leader- 06/07/05

Dauphiné Libéré- Hushovd Wins the Stage- 06/06/05

Dauphine Libere- Hincapie Sets the Tone- 06/05/05

Dauphine-Libere- The Dare of Armstrong- 06/04/05

Tyler Hamilton Appeals- 06/02/05

Tour of Italy- The Reactions- 05/30/05

Tour of Italy Stage 20- Savoldelli, Three Years Later... 05/29/05

Tour of Italy Stage 19- Savoldelli Was Hot- 05/28/05

Tour of Italy Stage 18- Basso Does It Again- 05/27/05

Tour of Italy Stage 17- Basso Makes a Comeback- 05/26/05

Tour of Italy Stage 16- Victory for Le Mevel- 05/25/05

Tour of Italy Stage 15- And the Third for Petacchi- 05/23/05

Tour of Italy Stage 14- Parra for the Double- 05/22/05

Tour of Italy Stage 13- Success for Parra, Savoldelli 1st- 05/21/05

Tour of Italy Stage 12- Victory for Petacchi- 05/20/05

Tour of Italy, Stage 11- Savoldelli Wins, Basso in Pink- 05/19/05

Tour of Italy Stage 10- McEwen in the End- 05/18/05

Tour of Italy, Stage 9- Finally Petacchi!- 05/16/05

Tour of Italy Stage 8- The CSC Team On Time- 05/15/05

Tour of Italy Stage 7- Di Luca Retakes the Power- 05/14/05

Tour of Italy- Stage 6- McEwen Wins, Bettini in Pink- 05/13/05

Tour of Italy- Stage 5- Di Luca Takes the 5th Stage- 05/12/05

Tour of Italy Stage 4- Mazzanti Takes the Fourth Stage- 05/11/05

Tour of Italy Stage 3- Bettini Retakes the Lead- 05/10/05

Tour of Italy Stage Two- Double Coup for McEwen- 05/09/05

Tour of Italy- Double Coup for Bettini- 05/08/05

Four Days of Dunkirk- Fedrigo Wins- 05/08/05

Four Days of Dunkirk- Fedrigo in the Lead- 05/07/05

Four Days of Dunkirk- Voeckler OK- 05/06/05

Four Days of Dunkirk-  Gilbert 1st- 05/05/05

Four Days of Dunkirk- Hushovd OK- 05/04/05

Tour of Italy- Forfeit of Davide Rebellin- 05/03/05

Tour of Romandie- Double Coup for Botero- 05/01/05

Tour of Romandie- Success for Contador- 04/30/05

Tour of Romandie- Victory for Cunego- 04/29/05

Tour of Romandie- The Second for Petacchi- 04/28/05

Cipollini Stops- 04/27/05

Tour de Romandie- Periero Sio Sweeps to Victory- 04/26/05

Tour de Georgia- Success for Danielson- 04/25/05

Liège-Bastogne-Liège- Victory for Vinokourov- 04/24/05

Tour of Georgia- Danielson on top- 04/23/05

Tour of Switzerland- Ullrich will be there- 04/23/05

Tour of Georgia- Double Victory for Landis- 04/22/05

Tour of Georgia- Armstrong Places- 04/21/05

Fleche-Wallonne- Di Luca Still There!- 04/20/05

Lance Armstrong to retire after the Tour- 04/18/05

Amstel Gold Race- Success for Di Luca- 04/17/05

Tour of Aragon: Final Success for Plaza- 04/17/05

Tour of Aragon and Tour du Finistere- 04/16/05

Tour of Aragon- Record for Petacchi- 04/15/05

Tour of Aragon- Success for Efimkin- 04/14/05

Hondo Fired- 04/14/05

Tour of Aragon- Petacchi Obviously- 04/13/05

Grand Prix of l'Escaut- Veneberg at the Line- 04/13/05

Tour of Aragon- With Ullrich and Petacchi- 04/12/05

Paris-Roubaix- To Win Every Year- Tom Boonen Interview-04/10/05

Paris-Roubaix- Boonen at the Rendez-vous- 04/10/05

Results- Tour du Pays Basque and la Sarthe-Pays de la Loire- 04/08/05

Results- Tour du Pays Basque and la Sarthe-Pays de la Loire- 04/07/05

Armstrong Counter-Attacks- 04/06/05

Results- Tour du Pays Basque and la Sarthe-Pays de la Loire- 04/05/05

La Sarthe-Pays de la Loire- Ullrich Expected-  04/04/05

Tour of Flanders- Boonen Makes a Boom-  04/03/05

Tour of Flanders- A Very Anticipated Duel- 04/02/05

Hondo Positive and Suspended- 04/01/05

Three Days of La Panne- Devolder OK- 03/31/05

Tour of Flanders- Bettini Drops Out- 03/31/05

Suspense surrounds Armstrong-  03/30/05

Paris-Camembert- Success for Brochard- 03/29/05

World Track Championships- Finally Two Medals-  03/28/05

Criterium International- Julich OK- 03/27/05

Semaine Catalane- Victory to Contador- 03/25/05

World Track Championships- The French, 4th-  03/25/05

Return of Armstrong in Paris-Camembert- 03/24/05

Contador Takes Over- 03/23/05

Mayorda Still the Leader- 03/23/05

Success for Corioni- 03/22/05

Mayorda Imposes Himself- 03/21-05

Murn Starts Strong-  03/21/05

Fedrigo Winner at Cholet-  03/20/05

Paris-Nice- Julich in the Sun-  03/13/05

Paris-Nice- Posthuma Definitely There-  03/12/05

Paris-Nice- Success for Simoni- 03/11/05

Paris-Nice- Cancellara in the Wind- 03/10/05

Paris-Nice- Armstrong Abandons- 03/10/05

Paris-Nice- Success to Reynes-  03/09/05

Paris-Nice- Again Boonen-  03/08/05

Paris-Nice- Boonan in a Sprint- 03/07/05

Paris- Nice- Voigt the Fastest- 03/06/05

Success for Gil- 03/06/05

Gil Takes the Lead- 03/05/05

Victory to Davis- 03/04/05

A Leader of AG2R is Questioned- 03/04/05

Hondo Wins Again- 3/3/05

Victory to Hondo- 3/2/05

Lance Armstrong Favorite To Take Seventh Tour de France Victory Posts Odds on Tour de France 2005- 3/2/05

The Favorites Drop Out- 3/1/05

Victory by Hincapie- 2/27/05

Petacchi the Winner- 2/26/05

Flecha in a Sprint- 2/25/05

Aragana Separates-2/24/05

Petacchi- True to Form- 2/23/05

Armstrong at the Start- 2/23/05
Article about Armstrong and the Tour of Georgia

Ullrich, sick with flu, delays his return- 2/23/05

Armstrong Present in 2005- 2/16/05
Lance Armstong Tour de France Announcement

Armstrong Will Be There- 2/15/05

Gallery of 16 Vintage Eddy Merckx Photos- 2/14/05

32nd Tour Mediterranean- 2/13/05 and 2/11/05

Armstrong Disappointed but Serene- 1/21/05

Petacchi Renounces the Tour de France- 1/20/05

Arenberg Deleted- 1/13/05
Article translated from L’Equipe magazine regarding the 2005 Paris-Roubaix Classic

Armstrong to do the Tour in 2005 or 2006- 1/10/05

Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team Roster

ProTour Schedule 2005

Phonak Doesn’t Give Up- 01/04/05

The Reactions- 10/28/04 (Quotes from various European cycling luminaries about the recently
announced Tour de France 2005 race course).  Translation of L’Equipe article .