Buy Fine Wine at Great Prices- A Strategy
by Walt Ballenberger of Beaux Voyages, Inc.

Here's and excellent site for wine resources:

Here's a
Frenchman's thoughts on "Old World" vs. "New World" wine making.  You can also
sign up for
French Word a Day.  I look forward to seeing the words every day and especially
enjoy the expressions.

Try this fun 20 question quiz and
test your knowledge of French wine:  

Remember the 5% Rule, which is often cited by Claude Robbins, Master of Wine Arts and
President of the
International Wine Guild in Denver, Colorado:
“Only 5% of the wine produced in the world is made to last 5 years or more, and only 5% of that
total (i.e., one fourth of one percent), is made to last 10 years or longer”.  So if the wine is
ready, it should be drunk before it starts to deteriorate.

Looking for a quick way to
choose a wine pairing?  Try this easy to use site:  

An excellent resource for learning about that bottle of wine you just purchased is the
Encyclopedia of Wine
.  Its more than 600 pages are beautifully illustrated and you’ll quickly see
on a map exactly where the wine region is located, and tons of other information.  It sells for
about $28 on
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